Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 1 – Liberum Commutatio 00-01

If you would like to see the original clip starring Alexa and Geizer that this is ripped from, you can find it here:

Okay, so I feel like I need to explain this project for a bit. Other than the occasional mention in the cBox, I’ve never really talked about the Ludibrio Chronicles with anyone other than close friends, and it’s something I’m really nervous about releasing. Despite putting the same effort into it that I do anything else, the nature of this project may prove problematic for some. If that’s you, I understand, but if you want to know more here is the story.

So around 2013 or so (I’m not sure on the exact date), I still hadn’t really broken into doing yaoi art much. I was interested in it, but I was also interested in testing the limits of gender ambiguity. Specifically, I wanted to experiment with what female features I could use on a male character, and seeing how well a beautiful woman translated into a femboi. To fiddle with this I started tracing over some of my favorite porn, using the same methods I use to ink my own art or color somebody like PBX or DTiberius. I hit upon the idea of making these new feminine males elves, to lend credibility to just how girly some of them were, and pretty much on day one I was trying to make comics with them. The transition from female to elf boy was easy enough, since I’ve never had much trouble drawing dicks (though women with exceptionally large breasts could cause problems, so I tended to avoid them). Since even then I was figuring out how to ink stuff in PhotoShop without drawing it on paper first (even just using the touchpad mouse on my laptop as I do), it wasn’t too hard to make the changes I needed to make to turn mundane straight/lesbian porn scenes into fun little fantasy yaoi comics.

I called my elf boys “Ludibrio” and came up with a lot of backstory and mythology for them (creating my own rules was a big reason why I didn’t want to just call them elves). Most of what I came up with probably won’t play too heavily into the final product, but who knows? Making these back then was a fun way to wind down when I didn’t feel like working on a project that required real effort, but the problem was I had too large of a porn collection. I kept starting new chapters, totaling over a hundred comics that were started but never finished, largely because I had no audience for them. I’d always intended to share a chapter whenever I finished one, but as has been the case every time I’ve tried to do that, I never finished one. So I’ve decided to try posting them here. Having the project be public will make it easier for me to focus on one chapter at a time, and hopefully you guys will enjoy them. Due to their nature of being traced from porn, the Ludibrio Chronicles are a bit limited in terms of what stories can be told, but of the chapters I have done a good amount of work in we have stories about wars, ninja battles, slave trading, prisoners at sea, magic schools, and even mundane stories like lovers sneaking off for sex during work or stuff like that. There’s a lot of variety, and I hope I’ll get to share at least some of them with you all.

My plan with these comics is to continue working on these like I have been ever since I started them in 2013. When I can’t muster the energy to work on something else, I’ll use them as a way to deprogram and wind down at the end of the day (usually before drifting off to sleep). When a page is finished, I’ll post it here. If you have thoughts on this project, feel free to fill me in. This first chapter here is really more setting up a common theme in several of the stories, and a key element to the culture of the setting, Liberum Commutatio. I decided to include an exposition dump page with each chapter for those who are interested in this stuff, but if you aren’t it should be easy enough to jump into the comic without it. Cheers.

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