Lord Dominator BGM

So this is the second of three pics I had 100% finished for my cancelled “Bad Girls Month” project, which I explain in detail in this post. This entry features Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder, a pic I finished earlier this year on my sister’s birthday. I made a point of finishing it then since it was part of my birthday present to her. She really loved Dominator, and had been pushing me to do a pic of her for a while.

My first instinct is to have Dominator be more, well… dominant, and if she was paired with someone like Wander or Hater I would totally go that route. However, I also liked the idea that Dominator might, from time to time, choose to give up control and just get fucked hardcore by some beefy alien studs. Maybe the change of pace thrills her, though to keep it a secret she probably has them executed or something afterwards. It’s fun while it lasts, though, and it provides an opportunity to see a different side of the sociopathic universe crusher here in this pic.

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