Connecting With Bakugou

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So of Midorya’s classmates, Bakugou is actually one of my least favorite to pair him with. I just don’t like seeing them together, and I kinda think Bakugou doesn’t deserve him. Nonetheless, I know that a lot of MHA fans like this pairing so here it is. Don’t expect to see a lot of it.


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  1. JustOneMoreFan

    I personally always see deku as a the one being filled, he is too passive when in conflict except that he is defending someone else. And thanks to kacchan, he probably will just wait and take it without resistance, because he was always in a submissive condition. I believe that here, the only way for katsudeku to exist is in an unhealthy way, being katsuki the one in charge and using izuku like a cock sleeve. Maybe midoriya develops masochist tendencies (or SS) and bakugo an obsession.
    Now I don’t hate Bakugo, I merely dislike him, but if one wants Katsudeku to work, then Kacchan has to listen and try to redeem himself. But as far as that goes, they probably wouldn’t be able to be a couple

  2. Sung

    “I-I was just trying to help! I read online that mastrubation relieves stress so I thought this would help you not be so angry! ”

    seriously the look on their faces is like “fucking hell deku not again”

  3. 91542

    I don’t care what anyone says, deku would make an amazing top and bakugo is most definitely a bottom, it would be bittersweet revenge but also truly romantic that way

  4. anonymouse

    Izuku: Are you sure about this and that it’s me, Katsuki?
    Katsuki: Oh my fuckin god! Yes, you dumb shit!

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