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Katsuki Bakugou Character Ask 5

So, after Bakugou’s last Ask with Bulma, there was a little buzz about him possibly also hooking up with Panchy. I was a little hesitant to do this Ask, since it was just a transparent checking off on a list basically, but I also have to assume Panchy would’ve been just as flirtatious with Bakugou whenever he visits the Briefs home in the Studio as she is with everyone else. Also I just like Panchy a lot, but rarely draw her, so here’s a pretty simple (but hopefully fun) Ask with them.

Katsuki Bakugou Character Ask 4

Bakugou’s appeared in a lot of work with Dragon Ball characters in my work, and has also been kinda close to the Briefs family specifically. He’s been presented as more or less in a relationship with Bra, and has been fucked by Vegeta. He’s also appeared in shoots with both Kid Trunks and Future Trunks, although he hasn’t directly worked with Trunks to my memory. So, him knowing Bulma is not surprising, but I thought they’d make a fine pairing some folks might like. I even had them mirror an earlier commission by this same Subscriber with Bakugou and Bra. I ran through a handful of longer responses he could have given here, but none of them really felt like his voice to me so I went the blunt route.

Shiki Tademaru Character Ask 1

When Kemono Jihen first came out, I remember seeing some comparison of the main character, Kabane, to Deku. Naturally, that meant his angry spiky-haired blonde friend got compared to Bakugou as well. I wanted to pair them up back then, like I did with Shuu after his debut, but never really got a good chance to do it. This Ask, even if it doesn’t leave much room for an interesting answer, seemed like a good opportunity to scratch this pairing off the “To Do” list. Hope y’all like it.

Masturbating Monoma

This is a Mini Commission submitted by one of my Subscribers, wanting to see Monoma masturbating to “someone from 1-A”. Since Mini Commissions are one-character pics, I decided to re-use some old art for his phone here, namely the first panel of November ’17 One-Shot. That comic features an orgy in the 1-A classroom, and I thought maybe Neito would’ve placed a camera in their room to try and get an upper hand for a sports festival or something, and ended with more spicy footage than he’d bargained for.

October ’22 One-Shot

So the idea behind this One-Shot was to see three of the sluttiest Dragon Ball boys I draw doing their thing with some random tops the Subscriber who submitted this script is fond of. Posing, as well as which version of the characters, was left up to me. I hope you all are okay with my decisions. We’ve seen different pairings between Whis, Gohan and Frieza in previous works, but this is the first time they’ve appeared together like this.

NHS Fusions – Bakugeta

So this Fusion came about due to carelessness on my part, I suppose. The theme for this poll was “rival” characters, and historically I’ve always had ten options for people to vote on. At nine I was having trouble thinking of another good fit, so I threw Bakugou onto the list even though he’s been fused already. In what’s probably pretty predictable in hindsight, Vegeta and Bakugou won, meaning now both Vegeta and Goku have been fused with Lord Explosion Murder. I had two options here, either try and make the Vegeta/Bakugou fusion as distinct from Bakugoku as possible, or… lean into it. So I leaned into it, creating basically a brother for Bakugoku in Bakugeta. I even put them in the same location, just to drive the parallels home. Anyway, hope you guys like him.