Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 3 – Virentibrio Lamina 02

If you would like to see the original clip this comic is traced from, you can find it here:

Here is the second page to Virentibrio Lamina, the third story in the Ludibrio Chronicles. In this page, our hero Umbra is ambushed by a surprising third Dominurci armed with a magic gun. I went back and forth on whether to even include something like a gun in the Ludibrio universe. For the story told with this source material it was kinda important if I wanted to show how Umbra was captured, and thankfully they used a prop gun in the film which has this old-timey look to it. I used unique colors and added beams of light shooting out of the decorations on the side to make it look a bit more mystical, with the explanation that it’s a weapon designed to shoot a magic bolt (which we can see sort of looks like a laser, but does not create a hole or any visible wounds). This story has a bit more build-up to it than the first two chapters, but I hope those of you following the Ludibrio updates don’t mind the suspense.

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