Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 3 – Virentibrio Lamina 03

If you would like to see the original clip this comic is traced from, you can find it here:

Here’s the newest page from my little project the Ludibrio Chronicles. In this page, our captured hero is subjected to the sadistic whims of his hated enemies, the Dominurci. This chapter has a lot more build-up than the previous ones, and I hope that’s not too frustrating for those of you following this comic. Even though this page doesn’t have anything too erotic on it, I was pretty happy with the panel structuring on this one. It almost feels like a right proper comic, doesn’t it?

Anyway, since it’s Saturday I have a new episode of “Near Talk” for you guys. This week I continue my self-indulgent spiel about Eromugen, picking up from last time to talk about what plans I had for future storylines. Enjoy. ^_^


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