Maka Albarn Character Ask 1

So I for this Ask I was at first thinking, you know, in the “canon” of the Near Hentai Studio, the characters aren’t simultaneously living their original lives. Like, the Maka in the studio isn’t still going to school or whatever, that’s left to the Maka living in the canon of Soul Eater. However, that seemed like it’d be a bit pretentious as an answer, and for all I know Maka would want to keep up with her studies even if she was living a new life in some sort of extra-dimensional porn commune like I depict the Studio to be (I don’t know if this is in character for her, I know nothing about Maka Albarn’s personality, values, or goals). So I took up the idea that she’s studying for studying’s sake, and in that regard my mind went in what I imagine was the idea behind this question, that being her connection to Gohan. The one time I’ve drawn Maka was with Gohan (though it was a POV shot, so that fact may not have been obvious), and of the people in the Studio, Gohan’s going to be one of the most inclined to help with studying. Of course, the Near Hentai versions of these characters are all horndogs as well, so the studying session might end up looking a bit different from what one might normally expect.


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