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Maka Albarn Character Ask 3

This is a pretty out-there crossover, even for me I think, but it’s what can happen when asking a specific character to pick the biggest ass in a place like the Near Hentai Studio. I don’t usually like to get into biggest/best/whatever of any body parts, but I’ve always felt like the sunglasses vendor from Inner Workings has to have the largest butt of the characters I’ve drawn. I thought it’d be fun if Maka showed her big booty a little love while answering, instead of just saying her opinion.

Ochaco and Maka Character Ask 1

So I know this one might be a bit boring visually, the Asks where characters are just standing around talking don’t always get huge responses, but I know the Gohan crossdressing Ask from a while back was popular and I thought some people might enjoy hearing a follow-up. There’s a bit of a limit for how long this question would be relevant, too, so here we are. Hopefully hearing a bit about Gohan’s exploits can get the imagination turning.

Maka Albarn Character Ask 2

I only have a passing knowledge of Soul Eater and its characters, but my understanding of Maka is that she’s fairly studious. I let Kipo be her study buddy here, ’cause Kipo also enjoys studying (particularly math and science), and like I mentioned when she showed up in Yoichi’s Ask, she’s the type of character who gets along with practically anybody. Also, this is just a pairing I don’t think anyone else would think to make, and I always enjoy exploring out-there relationships that can come about in the Studio environment.

Son Gohan Character Ask 9

So this was one where I didn’t actually have a good idea for how to handle the “answer” portion. Maybe it was just a bit too open-ended, I don’t know, but I wasn’t sure if Gohan really would have many thoughts on this. Given the nature and structure of the Near Hentai Studios concept, most of the popular characters have worked with several other characters, and Gohan’s arguably the most popular character in the whole roster. He’s worked with a pretty long line of characters, both from DBZ and from other series, but I wasn’t sure how he would really feel about that. In my mind it’s kinda like asking someone, “Hey, you have a lot of friends, what do you think about that?” “Er, it’s nice?”
But I had the visual idea of the three girls mentioned crowded around his dick, and wanted to run with it. I just like the idea of them all servicing him together while he answers, and I also think blowjobs at this angle are kinda fun for Asks. You can’t see the action, but it’s left to your imagination and like that idea for what’s supposed to be a pretty simple pic like an Ask. Anyway, here’s the end result of all that.

Maka Albarn Character Ask 1

So I for this Ask I was at first thinking, you know, in the “canon” of the Near Hentai Studio, the characters aren’t simultaneously living their original lives. Like, the Maka in the studio isn’t still going to school or whatever, that’s left to the Maka living in the canon of Soul Eater. However, that seemed like it’d be a bit pretentious as an answer, and for all I know Maka would want to keep up with her studies even if she was living a new life in some sort of extra-dimensional porn commune like I depict the Studio to be (I don’t know if this is in character for her, I know nothing about Maka Albarn’s personality, values, or goals). So I took up the idea that she’s studying for studying’s sake, and in that regard my mind went in what I imagine was the idea behind this question, that being her connection to Gohan. The one time I’ve drawn Maka was with Gohan (though it was a POV shot, so that fact may not have been obvious), and of the people in the Studio, Gohan’s going to be one of the most inclined to help with studying. Of course, the Near Hentai versions of these characters are all horndogs as well, so the studying session might end up looking a bit different from what one might normally expect.