Kurapika’s a character who’s always been in a bit of a limbo for me. He’s real cute, obviously, but his design is also kinda boring and generic, so I rarely feel a strong pull to draw him. I had one of those rare moments recently, though, and instead of starting a complex pic I’d never finish like I usually do when that happens, I buckled down and got out this simple pic. It’s nothing special, I guess, but now I’ve finally finished a pic of him, which is sometimes the first step that leads to bigger and better stuff down the road (no promises, though). Anyway, hope you all enjoy the view!


  1. Devin

    I LOVE him, he’s like a bottom version of Sasuke, except better written, he’s aloud to feel sadness and be mad about what happened to his clan and it’s pointed out the killing of his clan was wrong and the people who did it are going to be punished. Meanwhile after trying to get revenge for awhile he decides to instead live his life the best he can as Hunter, he’s also aloud to be happy once in a while…

    So who’s the lucky guy who gets to have fun with him is it Leorio, Chrollo or someone new all together.

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