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August ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic for August of 2023! The script for this comic puts together several pairings that this Subscriber has been trying to make happen in Character Asks, but usually in ways I didn’t really feel I could make work in that format. They finally get to see some of their crossover ideas come to life here, though, and I hope y’all will enjoy the results.

Kurapika Character Ask 4

I generally try and work a little action into Asks, but I didn’t feel like pairing Kurapika up with anyone would fit well with what he was saying. Besides, I know there’s some folks who enjoy these stiller “standing and talking” Asks for their own merit, so hopefully this one will still be appreciated. In the anime, Kurapika is often off doing his own thing, due to his own mission he’s following, but I kinda picture him being similar in the Studio. Of course, he still fucks around, we’ve seen that already, but I don’t picture him having a consistent friend group he hangs with or anything.

Kurapika Character Ask 3

So, I was trying to think of bad boys who Kurapika wouldn’t take much issue with. He’s pretty straight-laced, but I feel like it’s hard to really hold a grudge against someone like James. Being completely incompetent while also pretty sweet can help a lot in this regard, I think. However, I couldn’t decide on who I wanted to top or bottom. I was thinking of having James top, but then the idea of them making a good team came into my head, and I really liked the image. So, instead of a partner to fuck, Kurapika could see James as more of a collaborator, and I like this shot we got out of it.

NHS Fusions – Yorapakura

So the poll for this fusion was another themeless one, just ten characters I like. Of those, though, Kurapika and Yoh won out. The way these two mixed seemed pretty self-evident to me, so sorry if there’s not much surprise to this one, but I think the resulting Yorapakura is pretty cute. I decided to let him keep Yoh’s headphones (or, more accurately, get his own red ones), just ’cause I think they’re cute and I don’t see why he wouldn’t have the same habit as Yoh for wearing them.

Vegeta Character Ask 7

Gosh, I don’t know why Vegeta always insists on being so rude in these Asks! He could’ve just said he doesn’t remember!
Vegeta’s response here was my first thought on reading this question. I just don’t really see him keeping track of these things, so I figured showing him with a new boy while he gets indignant over it would be the way to go. I wasn’t sure at first who to use as his partner, but I’ve had a bit of a track record of pairing Vegeta with secondary characters from show’s where Goku’s fucked the protagonist. Since I’ve drawn Goku with both Gon and Killua in the past, I thought it’d be fun to pair Vegeta up with Kurapika, who I’ve been meaning to use more, anyway.

Kurapika Character Ask 2

So this Ask is a bit like the first one I did for Kazuki, where the character had a crossdressing look worn in the show that I was interested in drawing, but never really had a good avenue for. In Kurapika’s case, he wears a wig as a disguise during a portion of the Phantom Troupe arc. He actually has two different looks with the wig, one is this one with the hair down and a hat (he also wears sunglasses with this look in the anime, but I left them off here so he could look the reader in the eye), and the other is without the hat and the wig in a ponytail. I decided to go for this look because I think hats are cute. As for the actual answer he gives, I think he explains it well enough on his own. I do like that he’s getting fucked while answering, though, as it implies this time what he is using his feminine wiles to get is a big cock inside him.

Kurapika Character Ask 1

The answer to this one seemed kind of obvious to me… Kurapika’s one of those characters that just seems built to take dick to me. I do find it a bit criminal how little I’ve done with him compared to Gon and Killua, though a lot of that has to do with the demand those other two get. So when I saw such a simple, obvious Ask for Kurapika I figured I should take advantage of the chance to draw him again.


Kurapika’s a character who’s always been in a bit of a limbo for me. He’s real cute, obviously, but his design is also kinda boring and generic, so I rarely feel a strong pull to draw him. I had one of those rare moments recently, though, and instead of starting a complex pic I’d never finish like I usually do when that happens, I buckled down and got out this simple pic. It’s nothing special, I guess, but now I’ve finally finished a pic of him, which is sometimes the first step that leads to bigger and better stuff down the road (no promises, though). Anyway, hope you all enjoy the view!