Whis Character Ask 1

I figured Whis would probably get a few Asks after I finally finished my first pic of him and he became available for them. I feel like the answer to this one is probably a bit boring and predictable, but hopefully the imagery that accompanies it will make up for that.
I considered also including something about Beerus’ sleep schedule affecting how “fun” training him is, but I dunno, in the end I felt it was better to keep this one short and sweet.


  1. MattKs

    Nooooooo…. Wasn’t here for a while, and what a downgrade in general quality. Whis…. No. (Many others also lame.)

    One notices this in porn often. They usually don’t improve… Rather the opposite.

  2. Kayjo

    Bruh what the hell are you talking about? The art has clearly improved a lot, as happens when people draw frequently. It’s especially noticeable if you look at older stuff. Near posts pretty much daily and doesn’t always have time to even be pumping out these pictures. You try doing as much art as he does and make every single one better than the last.
    In short, fuck you. You don’t get to come get your rocks off to this guy’s art and then criticize it like you could do better.

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