Naruto and Sasuke Character Ask 1

So this Ask isn’t really up my alley in any capacity, as you might have guessed. Beyond my normal issues with the Naruto franchise, I’m just not that interested in underwear? So this one was pretty boring to work on, but I know there are folks out there who do not feel that way. My hope is this will do something for those of you who like these characters and enjoy underwear. ^_^; It’s been a long time since I watched any of Naruto, but I tried to get what I could remember of their personalities across in the answer. Honestly, the writing part is the hardest part of these “ogle” Asks (to borrow Naruto’s description of them). It’s easy enough to just draw the character (naked or otherwise) standing around to be ogled, but there’s only so much I can do with the answer portion. I do feel like they need to say something, but just saying “Okay!” or “Like this?” or whatever isn’t super interesting. Once I started writing Naruto, though, he didn’t seem to want to shut up, so I ended up with a bit wordier of a response than I’d originally intended (though far from the wordiest).


  1. Rozella Fergerson

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  2. Devin

    I’m usually not into underwear unless it’s a fun pattern but these boys are making me reconsider…

    Naruto has such a nice bum and Sasuke fills out the front of his underwear pretty well…

    It’s nice to see these boys get along! (I like to pretend it ended during the exams because we meet Rock Lee there) then I go of into the gay side of Naruto where these boys are written and drawn by people who know them.

    (Naruto’s VA is both English and Japanese said he should of got with Sasuke, also Naruto saving Sasuke took all of Shippuden I would of ended it way earlier so they could be an actual couple)

    Also Rock Lee wears a thong with a smiley face!!!

  3. Jinsei

    Its a pretty interesting start! I would love to see more of Naruto naked and getting all sorts sexy and sexual action soon.

    Take your time though man i know its a struggle with you doing Naruto these days.

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