Misae Nohara

So, I recently put together a Crayon Shin-chan AMV (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Qex7wvh0I). In the process, I’ve seen a lot of Misae here and, well… I’m pretty fond of her. I know this pic may not be as well-received as others, the Shin-chan art style isn’t exactly beautiful and I don’t think there’s a lot of people clamoring for porn of it. However, I find Misae super charming, and she’s got that normal everyday mom next door vibe I’m into. I went with the show’s earlier aesthetic, since I think it’s a bit more palatable than the later, more stylized look, and I did just a simple little pic here to test the waters. If people are interested in seeing more of her, I could definitely see pairing her up with her bratty son for some classic mother/son Near Hentai goodness. If not, this might just be a one-off.


  1. molecule

    Me personally, I’m totally for more Misae. I guess I’m a lot like you, in that I like the vibe and I’ve always felt there’s too little porn of her around.
    So a definite thumbs up from me, whatever that’s worth.

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