U.A. Wall – Izuku Midoriya

So here’s the story. I’ve been wanting to do a big project featuring several of the U.A. students from My Hero Academia for a year or two. Recently I had the idea that maybe I could do a wall with a bunch of them stuck in it like this, like maybe some clever villains had captured them and chosen this fate for them. It seemed like it’d be something a bit easier than trying to fit in the full characters in an orgy or something, and a comic would be unlikely to be finished this decade… So I was working on it, but as I was adding in characters I kept thinking of others I’d like to try. I stopped to count out a full list of students I wanted to use and it was, like… thirty or something people? I didn’t like that, since then it felt like I’d never actually finish it. But then I figured out a solution! Sort of like the old Jungle Book monkey commission, I could release the characters individually! Maybe in a few years I’ll have them all done, then I can stick them together into one big pic. Doing it this way also allows me to do two versions, a “before” and “after”. For now, it’s probably best to just think of this as a series, one I can do here and there as a simple pic when I feel like it. I won’t be doing every single student, ’cause a few of them I just don’t care to draw, but I’ll do all of them I feel like. Of course I had to do lil’ ol’ Deku first, so enjoy!


  1. Devin

    Now we know how he’s the most popular boy there when the guys aren’t having their way with his bum the girls like to tickle his balls and lick his feet and Ochaco Uraraka uses a strap on…

    If you do Mineta make sure who ever does him uses protection and has a therapist on speed dial!

    Eijiro Kirishima sounds like more fun to me!

  2. Crimson

    Fans of anime, might become pissed with the naming style of Midoriya not following traditional Japanese standard, with his family name first. But, I don’t mind that little detail it looks great,

    Though I can’t wait to see how you take on Toru, she is probably going to be the most difficult before, and easiest after.

  3. Deku

    Like what is this Typ of hentai/porn is this something like gloryhole creampie or what is this i like it I would love to see more of this and also to know how this is called.

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