Momo Yaoyorozu Character Ask 1

So, for this Ask, I had a pretty good idea how I thought it should be answered. While I’ve drawn a number of Momo’s classmates taking anal, I think Mina Ashido’s quirk, which we’ve established allows her to self-lubricate, would make anal a more appealing form of sex for her than most people. As for Momo… I dunno, it just makes sense to me she wouldn’t have gone down that route unless she had to. I figured she might as well show off her unused asshole while talking about it, though.


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  1. kelgamp

    Good stuff Near, i think a good follow up to this one would be Mina coaching Momo in taking anal, lubbing it up for her and all that! Would love if it was Izuku doing it too.

  2. Kelweacle

    Momo is a anal virgin? Spread those fucking ass cheeks baby cause my dick is about to feel so good in your asshole I’ll cum buckets I’ll mark my semen in your ass to make u mine

  3. ...

    Da- damn your ass is so fucking damn big and sexy and your feet look tasty too,0/////n////0 Man I wouldn’t want to fuck you right now!⚡????

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