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U.A. Wall – Momo Yaoyorozu

So here’s Momo’s entry in the wall, finally. I don’t why there was such a long break between the last entry and now, I think I’m just starting to run out of steam for these. At any rate, in a previous Character Ask there was the reveal that my version of Momo was still an anal virgin, so of course the villains who own this wall caught wind of that and it played into some of their graffiti. While I personally find Momo a bit on the boring side, I know she’s very popular with a number of people so I hope you all enjoy seeing her in this situation.

Momo Yaoyorozu Character Ask 1

So, for this Ask, I had a pretty good idea how I thought it should be answered. While I’ve drawn a number of Momo’s classmates taking anal, I think Mina Ashido’s quirk, which we’ve established allows her to self-lubricate, would make anal a more appealing form of sex for her than most people. As for Momo… I dunno, it just makes sense to me she wouldn’t have gone down that route unless she had to. I figured she might as well show off her unused asshole while talking about it, though.

Momo and Mina

Yaoyorozu and Ashido are the two girls I’d assume are the most “popular” in the main class of My Hero Academia. Ashido’s got the that outgoing personality of hers, and Yaoyorozu’s got that rich princess vibe to her, plus they the two most conventionally attractive girls in the class (not saying they’re the ones I’m most attracted to, just the the ones that fit that mold best). I thought it’d be fun to pair them up, at any rate, and here it is. A pretty simple little pic, but I haven’t done that much MHA yuri and wanted to expand the pool a bit.

November ’17 One-Shot

Here’s the one-shot from last month, as selected by my supporters. This one actually was narrowly beaten at the last second in the voting by the idea that won for December, but at the time I had already begun working on this when it happened. Also, this comic was just a great way for me to introduce a bunch of the students from My Hero Academia into my canon. This is of course far from all the characters in class 1-A, and I still have quite a few I’d like to get to eventually (and that’s just in the main class, there are even more outside of it that I adore). Hopefully I’ll have the chance to get to all of them eventually.