Roxas POV

This here’s a new Mini Commission offering, featuring the first appearance of Roxas in my work. The Mini Commission description included a request for the top in the pic to be Axel, but I figured just giving him black robes and gloves wouldn’t be enough (since everyone in Organization XIII wears the same thing). Hopefully the clothes combined with the spiky red pubes will be enough to make it clear who’s dick Roxas is taking (although for anyone who’s played the games, I feel like there’s really just the one option that makes sense).


  1. Spider10

    So sora isn’t a candidate or ventus or vantias to take roxas’s cherry you choose lea/axl wow you must really hate the soraxroxasxventusxvantias community huh or ju ssd’s t hate twins all together.

  2. E

    Ooh, I recently discovered this position for guys. Except that the penetrating partner is also licking and playing his fingers along the taker’s feet at the same time.

  3. JCC

    I Love Axel and Roxas together. They have a greater bond along with others but again they are best. Awesome job on drawning em!

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