The Wet

I’ve been in a Raven kinda mood lately, so you might see a bit more of her from me in the near future (no pun intended). The first thing I wanted to do, though, was ink and color this older sketch from almost a year ago. I don’t remember why I started this one back then, but I always liked how the perspective turned out and made a point of wrapping it up, even though Raven’s less of the focus in this one.


  1. Ernest

    I love your art! Been loving it for some years I think…
    As a random person who draws nsfw stuff, I was wondering which is the best platform to have some profit. I know patreon is kinda annoying with this kind of art, so could you (or anyone reading this) give me some tips?

    1. Post

      Patreon is the best platform for gaining a wide audience, if your content is a good fit for it, since they have the best brand recognition and most people trust them with handling their money. However, if you’re wanting to draw characters under eighteen (even characters who look adult, but have a canonical age of 16 or 17), or if you want to do incest or bestiality or anything like that, they will crack down on you hard. Even if your art is hosted off of Patreon, they’ll still get on your case over it. I’ve personally had a better experience with SubscribeStar. They’re a smaller organization, and they do have some issues (payment processing doesn’t always work as it should, and some people have been unable to pledge to me there as a result), and they aren’t as recognizable to the average person so it can be harder to build a following there. They also don’t have PayPayl support, which can also make it harder to get people to pledge to you there. However, they don’t have any of Patreon’s restrictions (yet), and my experiences with their support staff have been miles better than Patreon’s.

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