Kurapika Character Ask 2

So this Ask is a bit like the first one I did for Kazuki, where the character had a crossdressing look worn in the show that I was interested in drawing, but never really had a good avenue for. In Kurapika’s case, he wears a wig as a disguise during a portion of the Phantom Troupe arc. He actually has two different looks with the wig, one is this one with the hair down and a hat (he also wears sunglasses with this look in the anime, but I left them off here so he could look the reader in the eye), and the other is without the hat and the wig in a ponytail. I decided to go for this look because I think hats are cute. As for the actual answer he gives, I think he explains it well enough on his own. I do like that he’s getting fucked while answering, though, as it implies this time what he is using his feminine wiles to get is a big cock inside him.


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  1. Stefan

    I was obviously talking about paying you (generously) for the creation of art. If you change your mind, you have my email. Thanks

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