Pokémon Trade

So I’ve had an idea like this for a while now. At one time this was going to be Ash and Ritchie, with Pikachu fucking Ritchie and Sparky fucking Ash. I’ve already drawn Ritchie a couple times, though, so when Pokémon Journeys introduced Goh (I’ve seen it spelled Gou, but I think Goh’s the official spelling?) and his cute Scorbunny, I decided to bring them into this concept instead. I’d been looking for an excuse to draw Goh for a bit, but had some trouble making it work until adapting him into this Pokémon swingers concept.


  1. Bud16

    OMG! This has to be the absolute perfect Pokémon drawing yet to date. It’s incredible and the colors are amazing. I love that Ash and Goh are getting wreck each other’s main partner. Please do more Ash and Goh drawings of them. They’re the dream Pokémon pair

  2. Beauty

    This is pretty hot honestly. Love Pikachus sort of aggressive expression. Wouldn’t mind more pictures of Goh getting dominated by smaller Pokémon

    1. GH20

      Bro, i keep seeing you asking stuff on comments, and let me break it to you, but Near ONLY takes questions from his paid subscribers on subscribestar, you ain’t gonna get anything answered unless you pay him at least the $7 tier…

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