Bean’s Beach Splash

Despite my interest in Bean from Disenchantment, a few things kept me from drawing more of her (outside of some recent commissions). One is that I feel iffy about my take on Groening characters, but another is that I just wasn’t feeling too many of her options for partners in the show. Really the only characters I had any interest in pairing her with were her two moms, and I might still do something there later, but in the most recent season she was given a love interest I actually kinda like. Mora is a mermaid who connects with Bean pretty quickly, and the scene I’m referencing with this pic is pretty much canon (it’s teased it may have been a dream, but it seems like it happened), where Bean and Mora have sex on a beach at night. I don’t know what kind of role she’ll be playing in the future, but I like this pairing regardless.

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