NHS Calendar #1 – September (Siat/Goten/Trunks)

New page for the NHS Calendar, the project where the top performers (most frequently appearing) in the Near Hentai Studio get paired up randomly. I decided to keep Trunks and Goten as a pair for this, and they ended up with Siat, the protagonist of my old comic Eromugen. I imagine most of my followers today know her better as the girl who introduces you to the Studio in my game. Anyway, here she is with big half-Saiya-jin dicks in her.


    1. Post

      Unfortunately, I can’t say with any certainty on that. I work on the next update between other projects, but I’m just one guy and I’m also putting out the daily content you see here, so it takes a while. I’m currently about 3/4 of the way through the art needed for the next update, and after that’s done I’ll just need to write the dialogues, which usually only takes around a week. I can’t really say how long the rest of the art will take, though, as I have a lot of plates to balance.

      1. boh220510

        Wow I didn’t think you were alone working on the project it’s incredible in this case take the time thet you need when new patch come out i will play it with awareness that there is a huge amount of work behind it since that time i’ll support your works and all
        your works and all those of nhentai! Congratuations again for all the time and effort you are dedicating to us

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