Butt Witch Goes Mature

Well, I did say there was more Butt Witch coming up, didn’t I? And I’m not done here!
I got to thinking about Kathy, Judy’s best friend in Twelve Forever and an underappreciated character, I think. It could be out there, but I’ve not personally seen her lewded yet, and I wanted to really bad. I was originally going to just do a pic of her and Judy (and I might still in the future), but I got to thinking about how I’d been wanting to do a Butt Witch/Judy pic for a while. I decided to kill two birds with one stone (fuck two sluts with one cock) and have Butt Witch dom both Judy and Kathy. These characters never met in the show, the Butt Witch never leaves Twelve’s imaginary world, but that just makes it more fun for me in the end.

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