Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 2

So here’s the second page of this Butt Witch comic, and this is the format most of this comic is going to take. Someone will come in, get destroyed by green witch dick, and then someone new will come in the next page. I wanted to start with Eda for this one to tie into the story behind her Eda’s Ambition series of pics. If she’s looking to get into any shoots she can to raise her stock, then of course she’d be the first to sign up for a special event like this. Eda and Butt Witch is also just a combo I kinda like, don’t be surprised if we see more of them in the future.
Unlike other series I do, I’m not planning to alternate between male and female guest stars for this one. The comic’s going to be mostly futa-on-female, but there will be some boys and I do plan for page three to feature one of them. The comic updates will probably be further apart now that I have the formula established, but hopefully it won’t be too terribly spread out.

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 1

This is an idea I had for a new comic, one based loosely off an AI Dungeon adventure I ran for myself for a little bit. The premise is super simple, Butt Witch is hosting a live show, where anyone in the Studio who wants can volunteer to come and get dicked down live on the web. I think of this comic as a bit like a mix between Hypno’s Harem and Near’s Drag Race, where each page will feature an introduction for the character of that page, followed by some panels of the Butt Witch fucking them different ways (with the added gimmick of the chat, which is all characters in the Studio, but I won’t give away who). This page is different, as an introduction, but I hope to get the second page ready relatively soon so you all can have a better idea of how the rest of the comic will go.