Suspension Bunny

This is something I thought would be fun, putting Rumi into a different situation I haven’t drawn her in before. I’ve done a couple of these bondage one-character pics, and I kinda like doing them. They’re maybe a bit on the tame side, being basically pin-ups with rope, but I like how they tend to turn out and I think they can spark the imagination. Would y’all like to see more characters tied up/suspended like this?


  1. Sean

    I’d love to see more bondage action from you. Rumi looks so awesome tied up. Would like to see the same done with other characters! 😀

  2. VividRaja

    Oh absolutely! Something about seeing a girl tied up and helpless is absolutely erotic! Think maybe next time, you could have Star and Stripe (MHA) or Mereoleona Vermillion (Black Clover) tied up, gagged and about to be fucked in the ass? Or even better, getting ass-fucked?

  3. netero09

    First, this pic is fucking amizing
    Second, i woul love to see more dark skinn characters las mirko, korra etc
    Third, sure more bondage would be cool

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