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Rumi Usagiyama Character Ask 2

So, of course the idea for this Ask is just to pair Rumi up with someone from a different franchise. There were a few different ways I could have answered this, but I kinda latched onto this idea of her and Lola. I drew the Looney Tunes Show version of Lola a couple times a while back, and I just thought it’d be funny to have her next to Rumi due to the art style clash. Both girls are ones I’ve focused on the asses of in the past, so that’s what I did here again.

Bunny Hop

So I got a little urge to revisit Rumi Usagiyama recently, and sketched out this pic rather quick. I thought this would be an angle most people could find something to like about, and here we are. I dropped out of MHA before Rumi was introduced, so I don’t have a great idea of which characters she’d make the most sense to pair her with, but the first time I drew her was with Deku and I like how they look together. I’ll probably draw this pairing again at some point, though who knows when.

Rumi Usagiyama Character Ask 1

So, here’s a funny story about how this Ask came about. This Ask has been posted a couple times, and I never knew a good way to answer it. I don’t know Rumi, I haven’t seen any of MHA where she’s involved, so I answered other Asks instead. Then recently on my Discord we got talking about her and her ass, and people seemed to like the idea of me drawing her in a way that focuses on it. I liked the idea, and figured this Ask would be a good excuse. So I did the art first, and while inking/coloring it, kinda mulled over how to have her answer. I may be off in my understanding of her character, but I kinda liked the idea of her side-stepping the matter of who she’s hooked up with and focusing on her chilling and having a good time around the Studio.

April ’19 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic script that won last month. The idea behind this one is that Midoriya get to get his dick wet with a variety of different pro heroines from his universe. Other than Midnight and Mt. Lady, these ladies are all new to Near Hentai, and I hope y’all enjoy seeing them. Clockwise from the top we have Bubble Girl (Kaoruko Awata), Mt. Lady (Yu Takeyama), Midnight (Nemuri Kayama), Mirko (Rumi Usagiyama) and Ms. Joke (Emi Fukukado).