Shouko Komi Character Ask 1

Komi wanted to show off how much progress she’s made with her shyness in the Studio by performing with Tadano for this Ask, but in the end she still couldn’t get her answer out all the way. Luckily, Tadano was able to assist.
While I think Komi and Tadano are cute together in the show, as far as my art goes they’re low on my list of priorities. I tend to enjoy drawing non-canon pairings and ships more, but I thought this Ask would be a good excuse to go ahead and show these two having fun together in the Studio.


  1. GH20

    Love you still used the real shy Komi, despite debuting with the imaginary dominatrix version of Himiko’s fantasies (as you say you preffer to use characters as how they debuted for the Asks).

    Hope to see more of her, in either form, maybe even a pic of fantasy Komi fucking real Komi?

    1. GH20

      1. What are you even saying? Your English is so broken, despite commenting twice here.
      2. What does those guys have to do with Komi or the pic at all? Feels disrepectful that you comment in a Pic with requests for art of completelly unrelated characters to said pic.
      At least use the cbox chat on the right side of the page, is easier and more direct too.
      3. Near is not doing Comissions right now, even less “free requests” if that’s what you wanted here.

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