Baba Spread

I’ve been toying with the idea of drawing Fortuneteller Baba for a long time. During my rewatch of the original Dragon Ball, I finally got to her saga, which just motivated me to draw her more. After some encouragement from some of my Subscribers, I decided to go ahead and ink/color this sketch I did of her a while back. I thought if I showed her facing away from the camera, more people might be open to the idea of lewding her, though I fully intend to draw her again from other angles in the future.


  1. Animelover96

    Oh my it’s wonderful! I knew it would be a great pic when I’ve read “baba spread” in the post schedule, wow do more of her master near please

  2. Anonymous

    I would love to see her from other angles, as you said, but my friend I’m sure this is the best angles, is simply amazing!

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