Live Test Subject

This is another one of the Ochaco BDSM pics I sketched a while ago. Like with the Toga one, I decided to add in another character to create a bit more of a story. I don’t know what exactly Mei is testing for on our girl here, but I hope she gets all the data she’s looking for.


  1. Michael Morningstar

    I bet phase two is seeing how ochako’s fat ass handles stretching around a thick dildo as it pumps in and out of her poor little backside

    Possibly three hours of hard anal training and a swat from a paddle every time she cums without permission

  2. DailyNP

    I liked the illustration with Toga better, but this one is equally exciting, I hope to see more illustrations of this style with Uraraka and why not with Momo, in *lesbian situations*….

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