Lucy Heartfilia Character Ask 1

I know this one’s not super interesting on the face of it, but I know there’s some demand for Fairy Tail content and I haven’t drawn these three together yet. I’ve gotten a lot of Fairy Tail Asks submitted, but they’re often ones I can’t work with for one reason or another, so I grabbed this one ’cause I at least had a way to answer it.


  1. GH20

    The eyes are a bit weird, but it gave them all 3 an unique charm:
    -Lucy looks a bit like a moe anime, specially with those twintails.
    -Brandish just looks so hungry, man, i would love to fuck her from behind there.
    -And Erza looks sexy and serious as usual.

    Love this ask, as strange as it looks at first glance. <3

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