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Erza Scarlet Character Ask 2

I don’t really know much about the dynamic between Erza and Jellal, since I never watched Fairy Tail, but this seems to be the canon ship for Erza. I figured some people might enjoy seeing them together, though.

Also, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

First Shoot #6 – Erza Scarlet

Since there’d been some buzz for Fairy Tail ladies, I decided to include Erza in this First Shoot poll, and she ended up taking it. I never got into Fairy Tail, but as an outsider she seemed to be to be a fan favorite. I feel like most of the body pillows and figurines I saw for the show at cons were of her, so I hope people will enjoy seeing her here. In looking into her more, I realized she actually usually has her hair down, but I’ve always pictured her in a ponytail. I decided to have it both ways by letting her hair down in the second panel. I saw there was also info about her being interested in dirty magazines and the like according to the FT Wiki, so I figured she’d be all-in for joining the Studio. Misty was a fun surprise as her random first partner.