February ’24 One-Shot

The February One-Shot had a very simple premise, to see Goku giving his “special training” to three characters he hadn’t yet in the Studio. It’s a pretty straightforward theme, which I think is nice for the final comic. The three characters this Subscriber chose are Inosuke, Najimi and Kai, who have all been on very different tracks in the Studio so far I think.

December ’23 One-Shot

The winning One-Shot script this month features a smattering of characters from The Legend of Korra and Attack on Titan. The script called for their late-season designs, which I hope I was able to do (especially for TLoK, aside from Korra herself I don’t really know how anyone’s designs change). It also features the debuts of Sasha and Kuvira, although in both cases I feel I’ll be using different looks for them if they show up again.

Corey and Kai Character Ask 1

Lin was an obvious eventual pairing with Corey once she debuted, and while I personally don’t know how much I agree, there’s been some discussion of Kai being similar to Corey since he’s also topped older characters in my work before. I figured this Ask might be a fun one for some people for those reasons, and I don’t really need much convincing to do more Lin anyway.
Kai was introduced after I stopped watching TLoK, so I don’t actually know much about his dynamic with Lin, or if they even had one. Assuming he does interact with her, though, I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s found her way into his fantasies at some point.
Also, for anyone interested in last month’s Q&A video for SubscribeStar, here it is:

Korra’s Training

I mentioned in the Korra/Toph Ask I did a bit ago that I wanted to draw Korra and Toph with the designs they had when they actually interacted in the show. This is that picture, with Korra giving older Toph a nice foot-cleaning with her tongue. I thought it’d be cute to include some suggestions that this isn’t the first time she’s treated an Avatar this way.

Bolin’s First Dare

I’m not personally that into guys like Bolin, but I do see the appeal. I haven’t drawn him since 2013, and I kinda figured if I did draw him again it’d be him topping some other LoK character I’m more into. However, I do think his personality fits bottoming well, and I’ve already drawn Kai fucking his brother in a commission from 2016. I figured it all came together in a way that makes sense, and I hope y’all will enjoy it.

Toph’s Toes

This is a little sketch I did a while ago, when I was meaning to do more Toph content. It took me a minute to get around to inking and coloring it, and she ended up appearing in a couple Asks in the meanwhile, but I still think it’s a good pic. I ended up doing two versions here, one with show-accurate dirty feet and one with clean feet, for whichever you prefer.


Lin Beifong Character Ask 1

Lin and Toph are in an interesting position within the Studio, with Toph living day-to-day in her TLA younger body, while Lin’s of course a much older woman in TLOK. Of course if I were to pair them up for, like, a scene set within the Avatar universe I’d either set it in a flashback between the two series or use Toph’s older design from TLOK. However, within the outside-continuity Studio, we get a case of the mother being a loli and the daughter is a GILF. I’ve been looking for an excuse to bring these two together since Lin’s First Shoot, and this Ask seemed like as good an excuse as any.