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NHS Fusion – Gumbaddin

I didn’t think about the fact that I haven’t actually drawn Gumball’s face yet when I included him in the poll for this Fusion, so when he won we ended up having the kinda nondescript back of his head for the little icon thing. Whoopsie. His mother has actually already won a spot in the next Fusion, too, so we’ll be seeing some more Watterson Fusions before too long.
The theme for this poll was “blue” characters, and we actually ended up with two boys who I’ve only drawn once apiece winning out. I think the resulting catboy is pretty cute, though, and I hope y’all will agree.

Aladdin + Midoriya

This here’s a Master Tier commission for one of my SubscribeStar supporters. Every year on the Master Tier earns them a two-character commission, and this Subscriber wanted to see Aladdin from Magi and the kid version of Deku showing off their assholes and feet. A pretty simple pic, although I did have to make a correction to get their toes spread out. After I colored the corrected image, the client took it upon themselves to use my colors to also color in the original lineart, which I’ve decided to share with y’all. I don’t usually do much in the way of variants, but since this was already here I didn’t see any reason not to include it. The client who commissioned this said they liked to go back and forth between the two versions to create the illusion of the boys wiggling their toes.