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Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 2 – Pet Ludibrio 04

If you would like to purchase the full clip this comic is ripped from, go here.

This is the final page for chapter two of my silly little Ludibrio Chronicles project. I really enjoyed translating my friend Anya Lykke’s clip into a yaoi elf comic, and hopefully some day I’ll get to do something like this with one of her clips again. Chapter three is gonna be a lot longer than this chapter was, and the first page of it should be coming out before too long. I hope those of you who enjoy these Ludibrio comics liked this chapter and will tune in for the next one!

Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 2 – Pet Ludibrio 03

If you would like to purchase the full clip this comic is ripped from, go here.

This is the penultimate page of this comic. Since the source clip I’m tracing for it is short, this chapter will be a lot shorter than chapter one was (or chapter three will be). Still I liked how Anya looked as a Ludibrio too much not to do this one. I hope you all appreciate Vulpella as much as I do. 🙂

Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 2 – Pet Ludibrio 00-01

If you would like to purchase the full clip this comic is ripped from, you can find it in Anya Lykke’s clip store here.

Let’s kick of March by launching the second chapter of the Ludibrio Chronicles, “Pet Ludibrio”. This chapter will be quite a bit shorter than the first one was, due to the source material being shorter. In this chapter we’ll look at one of the ways in which a particularly malicious individual might use a Ludibrio’s natural sexual and submissive nature to exploit them.

The model for Vulpella, our Ludibrio pet here, is my good friend Anya Lykke. I highly recommend trying to get the original clip from her if you can, she plays a fox girl kept in a similar situation and it’s some good stuff if that’s your sort of thing.



Sylveon Character Ask 1

So some of you who don’t follow my work very closely may not be familiar with Trainer Anya. She’s a Pokémon trainer based on my friend Anya Lykke (https://twitter.com/AnyaLykke) that I’ve drawn a couple times. Now, Anya wasn’t fishing for a drawing of this character with this Ask (if that’s what she wanted, she could’ve just asked Trainer Anya a question, since I view her as one of my OCs), but when I was thinking about how to answer it I decided it’d be cute to draw the Near Pokédex Sylveon with Anya.

Just a note, this Ask is actually being posted way earlier than it should be so it’ll land on Valentine’s Day. The publicly-released Asks are currently still in the January batch, but this one came out of the February batch. I think it’s worth it, though, to get it out in time for the holiday.

Anya Lykke Tribute

So last month I released my first ever live action music video, featuring my good friend Noel Cypress. At the time I mentioned also wanting to do one of my other porn star friend Anya Lykke, and here it is! Anya’s a beautiful girl who has some really great clips available (https://www.amateurporn.com/anyalykke), which you can get a preview of here in this music video I did! Anya decided not to upload her tribute to PornHub like Noel did (she doesn’t have an account there already, so she didn’t see the point), but she did give me permission to release this here. I was pretty happy with the results, and I hope you guys enjoy the video and consider checking out the clips she has available for sale.

This is the last live action music video I have planned, but I do plan to release some more SFM compilations on down the line. I don’t know if any of you have been wondering about those or not, but I promise there are more to come. 🙂

Trainer Anya’s Salazzle

So some of you may remember Pokémon Trainer Anya, the Pokéwhore based on my good friend and awesome camgirl Anya Lykke (https://twitter.com/AnyaLykke). I’ve drawn her previously with Mimikyu, and I got the itch to draw her again. This time I paired her with Salazzle, partly because I know Anya has the hots for Salazzle, and partly because I just don’t think there’s enough human on  Pokémon yuri. Salazzle’s also special between us because, while we were both playing Pokémon Moon, Anya spent way longer than she should have catching a female Salandit to give to me, which I ended up naming after her.

Trainer Anya’s Mimikyu

Today is my great friend Anya Lykke’s birthday! I got her a neat little back support pillow for her to use at her day job, while also drawing this picture for her. She’s been talking about commissioning this pic from me for a long time, but since money’s been tight it was always a far-off dream. I surprised her with the pic a few weeks ago, but now that it’s her birthday I’m publishing it here.

For those who don’t know, Anya is a camgirl/model and Pixel Vixen I’m super close to. I’ve drawn her once before, and probably will again. For this pic I anime’d her up a bit. Her outfit is one designed by my sister (https://mizfitpeep.tumblr.com/) for a commission she did for Anya a while back.

Celestia’s Diary, Part One

So for a little over a year, now, I’ve been wanting to take a stab at some anthro versions of the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was discussing the idea with my goof friend Anya Lykke, and through discussion and bouncing ideas off of each other we eventually arrived at a new series of pics I’m trying out. The premise is pretty straight-forward… Princess Celestia has lead a full, slutty life, and when Twilight discovers documentation of her escapades she’s so excited that (after enjoying her favorite parts) she begins to share the diary with her friends. This will allow me to try out anthro designs for each of the mane six, and they’ll all be tied together by this nice little theme. Anya is providing the diary excerpts, as she’s quite the talented writer, so all credit for that portion goes to her.

If you’re having trouble reading the font used, here’s what the diary entry says:

“I knew from the dream she sent mine sister would visit me this night. The warm breath from her muzzle teased the inside of my thighs, and I quivered in anticipation.
“Be still, sister mine,” Luna murmured, her lips at my center, “for I wish to enjoy you as though you slumbered unaware.”
My heart beat faster. Oh how well she knew my deepest fantasies! The hot moist softness of her tongue dragged from just above the delicate rose of my ass while her deft and nimble fingers worked their way deep inside my already wet and willing royal cunt.
“Luna!” I gasped.
“Silence,” my twin moon murmured, her tongue pressing down against my clit. “Make noise only when I will thee.”
I folded a wing over my muzzle, feathers to muffle my moans, and writhed against mine sister’s touches. Her fingers and tongue worked in musical synchrony, and a burning heat in my belly begged for release. Harder and harder did Luna bear down with her tongue, merciless in her suckling torture to my now swollen clit.
“Please!” I whimpered.
Two sopping fingers were crammed into my mouth, and I could taste myself on my sister’s flesh. She eyed me feverishly, playfully, and I licked them clean.
“I said to be silent, Celestia…””

NearHentai Featured in a New Porn Clip

I don’t usually make these blog-style posts with no content, but something kind of cool happened recently. Those of you who follow this blog are probably familiar with Anya Lykke by now, who’s been helping me out creatively recently. I’ve mentioned her a few times in my flavor text, and I’ve drawn her before. She’s a cam model who sells her own clips while also modeling for Pixel Vixens, and just recently she featured some of my art from this very site in one of her clips.

In the clip she’s a horny schoolgirl, browsing hentai on her tablet. She start masturbating to a few of my pictures (which Anya picked out herself), and before long a tentacle comes to life from one of them and juts out of the tablet. She then has a lot of sexy fun with the little guy for the rest of the vid. I thought it was really cool of her to feature this site in her clip, especially since the clip itself is pretty fun and sexy anyway!

There’s nothing from me in this clip that isn’t already available here on the blog. However, if you’re interested in seeing Anya violate herself with a tentacle, then you can buy the clip ($5.99 USD) here: https://www.amateurporn.com/anyalykke/hentai-schoolgirl-tentacle-suck-fuck.

As far as art from me goes, I hope to be able to get some stuff to you guys soon. I didn’t have anything ready for today (tomorrow will be one of last month’s comic pages), but I’ll get something out as soon as I can. Peace.