Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 2 – Pet Ludibrio 00-01

If you would like to purchase the full clip this comic is ripped from, you can find it in Anya Lykke’s clip store here.

Let’s kick of March by launching the second chapter of the Ludibrio Chronicles, “Pet Ludibrio”. This chapter will be quite a bit shorter than the first one was, due to the source material being shorter. In this chapter we’ll look at one of the ways in which a particularly malicious individual might use a Ludibrio’s natural sexual and submissive nature to exploit them.

The model for Vulpella, our Ludibrio pet here, is my good friend Anya Lykke. I highly recommend trying to get the original clip from her if you can, she plays a fox girl kept in a similar situation and it’s some good stuff if that’s your sort of thing.



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