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Near Hentai Studio Tour – “Half-Hungry” Version

PC: https://mega.nz/file/ihJAGKgA#IfIQ5KhPpjX8nZC0_R4-8ofMLpBKuPhNF9u5IQQyTzA
Mac: https://mega.nz/file/n9QjAIZB#phPcVKpvA4ZwDK71txUCYhDWOoM7-ozGrRwiX7yC3oE

So, my plan for this update was to do one big update focused on the Food Court in the Studio. I would add a bunch of restaurants, all with characters you could meet and fuck. These characters have less dialogue and simpler scenes than the previous focus characters, but would still be people I think many of you would enjoy getting more intimate with. However, the list of characters I planned to include was rather long, and it was (as always) taking longer than I’d like to work through them all. So, here where I’m roughly halfway through the update I decided to release a partial update just containing what I have so far. The next update will contain everything I’d originally planned to be part of this update, but for now I think there’s enough content to keep y’all happy.

Cooler Character Ask 2

I picked this Ask just ’cause I think we haven’t seen enough Cooler yet. I’m not sure what this question was fishing for, maybe getting Cooler’s later form ’cause it’s bigger? I don’t really think his asshole would be any bigger, though, and he seems to handle big cocks just fine in this form. For his partner, I could’ve gone with a more typical big-dicked guy like Broly, but I don’t think Cooler has the same Saiya-jin obsession as his brother, so I went instead with a big-dicked human who was involved in his first movie, Krillin.

Son Goku Character Ask 31

When I saw this question, I immediately liked the idea of Goku only being able to name physical differences between the brothers. I could’ve just had Goku fucking Cooler here, like in Cooler’s other Ask appearances, but I decided instead I preferred the idea of Cooler and Frieza sharing Goku’s cock. I think it helps highlight why Goku can’t think of any other real differences he sees in them.

Cooler and Salza

This is a very, very old pic that I first sketched in October of 2016. I always intended to finish it, but I got discouraged when several months later one of my Epic Tier Patrons commissioned a pic with a different form of Cooler, where he was all scary and dominant. Something about not being able to control the way he debuted kinda killed my interest in this pic, ’cause I was wanting to present him like a bigger (physically) version of how I do Frieza. I ended up talking about this old sketch on my Discord recently, and was encouraged to go ahead and finish it. So here it is, over five years later.

Cooler Froze

Here’s another Epic Tier commission. The client wanted to see Golden Cooler fucking Froze, a hero character of Frieza and Cooler’s race in Dragon Ball Heroes (incidentally, also where this version of Cooler comes from). There’s a huge size difference here, probably even more than what you see in this pic, honestly, but hopefully it works out okay. Hope you all enjoy it. ^_^

Also, here’s the Q&A video I recorded last month. If you’re interested in hearing me yammer for a bit you can check it out: