Cooler and Salza

This is a very, very old pic that I first sketched in October of 2016. I always intended to finish it, but I got discouraged when several months later one of my Epic Tier Patrons commissioned a pic with a different form of Cooler, where he was all scary and dominant. Something about not being able to control the way he debuted kinda killed my interest in this pic, ’cause I was wanting to present him like a bigger (physically) version of how I do Frieza. I ended up talking about this old sketch on my Discord recently, and was encouraged to go ahead and finish it. So here it is, over five years later.


    1. GH20

      If you mean his Discord server, it’s exclusive for paid subscribers.
      But if you mean his personal Discord, well… doubt he will give it to you that easilly, and even if he does, don’t expect him to draw you some idea for free like that, just saying…

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