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Misae Nohara Character Ask 1

I was pleasantly surprised to see a question for Misae mixed into those submitted for May. I’m quite fond of her, but I wasn’t sure how much other people were wanting to see more of her. I do have more Misae pics planned (I’ve got a couple mother/son pics for her, plus she’s going to be part of the new NHS MILFs series eventually), but I was quick to take advantage of this chance to draw her here. I wasn’t really sure how to answer this question, though, as I’m not sure who she would consider a “rival”. Plus, like she mentions in her answer, when it comes to the realm of “big butts” I think there’s a different realm of women above her. I thought she might just take advantage of the question as an excuse to have some fun, though, since the characters answering these Asks get to decide how they want to present their response. So I was browsing through possible partners, and Amy Brant’s name was standing out to me. I don’t usually pick my own characters for this sort of thing, but I think Amy fits a bit closer into the realm of a “rival” for Misae… She’s a similar age group, similar body type, and like Misae she hasn’t had a ton of exposure in my work so far. Mrs. Brant’s one of my Applebridge characters, one of Mace and Jackie’s conquests, and she’s personally one of my favorites of the women from that project. Even though I like her quite a bit, and have a lot of ideas for ways to use her, she hasn’t gotten to appear much and I thought this would be a good time to change that. Whether you want to think of them as rivals or not, I thought Misae and Amy would make for a fun, odd pairing for this answer.

Misae Nohara

So, I recently put together a Crayon Shin-chan AMV (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Qex7wvh0I). In the process, I’ve seen a lot of Misae here and, well… I’m pretty fond of her. I know this pic may not be as well-received as others, the Shin-chan art style isn’t exactly beautiful and I don’t think there’s a lot of people clamoring for porn of it. However, I find Misae super charming, and she’s got that normal everyday mom next door vibe I’m into. I went with the show’s earlier aesthetic, since I think it’s a bit more palatable than the later, more stylized look, and I did just a simple little pic here to test the waters. If people are interested in seeing more of her, I could definitely see pairing her up with her bratty son for some classic mother/son Near Hentai goodness. If not, this might just be a one-off.