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March ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot for March of 2023! The idea behind the winning script this month was a bunch of fit ladies having fun in the Studio gym, including a little cameo from Eromugen’s Potia in the second panel, there. The last panel was left open to me, so I went with two on-theme girls I don’t draw a often as I’d like, A-ko and Jolyne.

NHML – Derieri

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for August 2018 is Derieri (or Derriere, which I’ve seen her called, but I prefer Derieri ‘case it sounds more like an actual name) from The Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no Taizai. I don’t know much about the show, but I talked to my friend who watched it and this is the picture I settled on. Derieri is a villain in the show and hates Meliodas, the protagonist, but I knew many of my fans would prefer a straight shota pic over some of the other options I had. To settle this I used Meliodas’ darker/eviler side to make it a bit more of an aggressive situation. Hope you all enjoy.

With this posting I am now accepting nominations for next month’s featured lady. For those who are new, the rules for nomination are simple. Just leave a comment here or in the cBox stating who you would like to nominate. Nominees cannot be any girl that I’ve drawn in the past calendar year (I prefer when they’re ones I’ve never drawn at all), and they cannot be a previous winner of the NHML raffle. They also can’t be from the same franchise as this month’s winner, The Seven Deadly Sins. I know that can be a lot to keep track of, so if your nomination does not meet these requirements I’ll do my best to let you know so you can nominate someone else. I will compile a list of all the nominees in the sidebar of this site, and on the first of September I will use a randomizer to randomly select one name from that list to get a dedicated picture next month. I look forward to seeing whom you all nominate!