First Shoot #6 – Erza Scarlet

Since there’d been some buzz for Fairy Tail ladies, I decided to include Erza in this First Shoot poll, and she ended up taking it. I never got into Fairy Tail, but as an outsider she seemed to be to be a fan favorite. I feel like most of the body pillows and figurines I saw for the show at cons were of her, so I hope people will enjoy seeing her here. In looking into her more, I realized she actually usually has her hair down, but I’ve always pictured her in a ponytail. I decided to have it both ways by letting her hair down in the second panel. I saw there was also info about her being interested in dirty magazines and the like according to the FT Wiki, so I figured she’d be all-in for joining the Studio. Misty was a fun surprise as her random first partner.


  1. GH20

    Good to see we finally got some Yuri out of raffled partners.
    Misty and Erza surpringsilly fit, many will like that pair.

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