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Saika Totsuka Character Ask 1

Saika’s response here is kinda my own reaction to his debut pic. While he is cute, I didn’t expect him to be as warmly received immediately as he was, but it seems like he may have some staying power. For his partner, I wanted to go with someone I haven’t drawn as much, and while looking through the guys who fit that description, Roy stood out to me. I was hoping to find someone who could play into the “warm” part of warm reception (and there were a few candidates), and in Smash I always see Roy associated with fire and flames. I also like that, when their faces are close together like this, if you squint they almost look like Todoroki.

July ’22 One-Shot

This One-Shot is all about Fire Emblem. I mostly know this franchise through Smash Bros., but luckily for me there was a heavy overlap between the characters used here and those who’ve appeared in Smash. Apparently the Subscriber who submitted this script had intended for the Robin who appeared to be the male version, but they forgot to specify in the script and I’d already finished the comic before I knew. We’ve seen male Robin before in an older OS, anyway, so it’s nice to get the female side here I think.