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Pearl’s POV

So I found a very talented voice actress uploading scenes to PornHub by the name of Lalalexxi. She does some good voice impressions, and one scene she recorded featuring Garnet and Pearl particularly got my attention. It’s titled “Double Trouble” (https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e643c4c86897) and features a two-dicked Garnet fucking Pearl. There’s cute little edits of the show’s artwork that accompanies her voice acting, and one such shot was very similar to this pic. I wanted to take a stab at drawing a pic of the concept, rather than a screenshot edit with a censor bar to imply a cock, and this is what we got. I also decided to strip down Garnet since the “action” portion of this pic is so small. I had fun with this one, though, and I hope y’all like it.

Garnet & Pearl – Sex on the Beach

I’ve been watching a lot of Steven Universe lately, and did this quick little picture as a result. I really want to do a lot more SU stuff in the future, if I can find the time. I still have larger montage pics in the works for Pearl and Amethyst, but I also want to do a lot more with Garnet, as well as Lapis Lazuli, Stevonnie, Opal, and maybe Connie as well. We’ll see, I always have way more ideas for pics than I’ll ever have the time to actually draw. :/

June ’14 WWOTM – Garnet

Man, this month ended up going by a lot faster than I’d anticipated. I had a lot of works I wanted to finish in June, but real-life got in the way of most of them.

Luckily, I was able to finish this picture this month. The WWOEC Woman of the Month for June, 2014 is Garnet from Steven Universe. She was nominated by yours truly, and since I’ve been so into the show lately I had actually already been working on this. Since I like to contribute to the WWOTM even when I can’t nominate for next month, I put in the extra hours to make sure this was finished on time.

I’ve really come to enjoy Steven Universe since it came on. I love all three of the main girls, and I’d like to do pictures like this of Amethyst and Pearl some time. I also have a little comic planned, though it could be years before that ever sees the light of day.