Steven Universe

Pearl’s POV

So I found a very talented voice actress uploading scenes to PornHub by the name of Lalalexxi. She does some good voice impressions, and one scene she recorded featuring Garnet and Pearl particularly got my attention. It’s titled “Double Trouble” ( and features a two-dicked Garnet fucking Pearl. There’s cute little edits of the show’s artwork that accompanies her voice acting, and one such shot was very similar to this pic. I wanted to take a stab at drawing a pic of the concept, rather than a screenshot edit with a censor bar to imply a cock, and this is what we got. I also decided to strip down Garnet since the “action” portion of this pic is so small. I had fun with this one, though, and I hope y’all like it.

Pearl’s Alone Time

So the other day I found myself really wanting to draw Pearl again. I did a couple sketches at the time, and liked this one enough to try and flesh it out. Since I was really feeling this one for whatever reason, I decided to use it as a sort of cool-down between some of the obligatory work I’m in the middle of before getting back to the commissions and such. I dunno if other people will enjoy this pic, but I had fun making it and I’m feeling a bit better about adapting the Steven Universe style.

Rubbing Her Gem

So the other day it occurred to me that, of the Steven Universe core group, Amethyst was the only one I hadn’t drawn yet (if you count Lapis and Peridot as part of the core group, then I also need to do Peridot). I’d started a few pics with her (I have a lot of dropped SU pics in the ol’ work folder), but nothing finished, so I did this quickie as a side pic while working on comic pages. I wasn’t thinking about Amethyst’s gem placement when I started it, but when I realized her gem was being covered up by Steven’s peen I decided to add some dialogue to go with it.
I have a lot of reservations when it comes to doing shows in the CalArts style. It’s why, despite loving Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, I rarely/never draw them. I think it mostly stems from my habit of trying to imitate the art style of the source show, and that just not working well with these shows. I can nail the CalArts face pretty easily, but it looks weird on the types of bodies I usually draw. When I try and simplify the bodies, I feel they end up looking weird for different reasons, and I run into all sorts of other problems. I’ve tried finding a middle ground in the past (and here), but I’m still not sure how well I’m doing it. At least I know those three shows I listed (and others like ’em) are getting a lot of content from other great artists who don’t have these same issues I do. ^_^;

MomSwap – Connie and Priyanka Maheswaran

My supporters voted for Connie and her mother Priyanka to star in the next MomSwap entry, and here they are. I’m worried I may have chosen too odd of an angle for this one, as the perspective warps Priyanka’s body a bit, but ultimately I’m happy with how this turned out. Working with more simplistic styles like the Steven Universe one is always a bit of a challenge, but I feel like I’m getting better at adapting it while still keeping them recognizable.

Lapis Lazuli Footjob

I’ve been a big Steven Universe fan since early in the first season. For me the show has a great balance of drama, comedy and really effective pathos, and Lapis Lazuli is a great example of those elements in one character. I don’t want to say too much for the sake of those who haven’t seen the show (I highly recommend it), but Lapis is one of my favorite characters. It seems many of you agree, as she spent a lot of time on top of my recent poll focusing on the gems of Steven Universe. I don’t expect this is the last time she’ll show up here, but I wanted to do a quick picture involving her cute little feet as a way to introduce her to the blog. I have other ideas for Lapis I’d like to try out eventually, as she has potential in a lot of pairing with other gems. There’s also a baseball outfit I’d like to try drawing her in at some point.

I’d like to draw more of the gems in general. Like I said, I’ve been a fan of the show for a long time, but for some reason it rarely comes to forefront of my projects. I have several half-finished SU pics in my work folder, many of which will probably never see the light of day. Hopefully I can get around to doing some more SU stuff, especially if people seem into it. I may even be able to dust of and finish some of the more salvageable pics I’ve got.

Pearl Display

Some of you may remember way back in June of last year my drawing of Steven Universe’s Garnet that used heavy referencing to create a slightly more photo-realistic version of the character for a sexy montage. At the time I said I wanted to do similar pics for Pearl and Amethyst, which I’m still working on (just slowly, and in the background). I have images drawn up for both pics, and this one here is one that I couldn’t quite get to fit into the collage. I liked it, though, so here it is.

This is how Pearl will look in my final collage picture, a little thicker than her show counterpart and with an attempt to show a realistic interpretation of her face. I’m pretty happy with the changes, though I do think I’d like to take a stab at drawing a more cartoony, on-model version of her somewhere down the line.

Garnet & Pearl – Sex on the Beach

I’ve been watching a lot of Steven Universe lately, and did this quick little picture as a result. I really want to do a lot more SU stuff in the future, if I can find the time. I still have larger montage pics in the works for Pearl and Amethyst, but I also want to do a lot more with Garnet, as well as Lapis Lazuli, Stevonnie, Opal, and maybe Connie as well. We’ll see, I always have way more ideas for pics than I’ll ever have the time to actually draw. :/

June ’14 WWOTM – Garnet

Man, this month ended up going by a lot faster than I’d anticipated. I had a lot of works I wanted to finish in June, but real-life got in the way of most of them.

Luckily, I was able to finish this picture this month. The WWOEC Woman of the Month for June, 2014 is Garnet from Steven Universe. She was nominated by yours truly, and since I’ve been so into the show lately I had actually already been working on this. Since I like to contribute to the WWOTM even when I can’t nominate for next month, I put in the extra hours to make sure this was finished on time.

I’ve really come to enjoy Steven Universe since it came on. I love all three of the main girls, and I’d like to do pictures like this of Amethyst and Pearl some time. I also have a little comic planned, though it could be years before that ever sees the light of day.