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Len Kagamine Character Ask 1

Vocaloid’s Len is a boy who I drew a couple times on commission ages ago. Since I don’t really interact with the Vocaloid community, I never really returned to him or anything, but one of my Subscribers found out he was in the Studio and wanted to see him again. This Ask is the end result of that, with a pretty basic scenario just to get some hardcore yaoi of Len (also Len’s first scene bottoming in the Studio). I didn’t see any particular reason to use a character for the top in this pic, though, hence the anon dick stuffing him.

Len and Ness Dressing

This is a commission I did for my Epic Tier. The client wanted Ness from EarthBound/Mother 2 and Kagamine Len from Vocaloid mid-dressing in some sexy lingerie, in preparation for some sexytimes. I’m not used to drawing characters like Ness, especially alongside someone with a less stylized design like Len, but hopefully the end result here is pretty decent. I think the pic turned out cute, at least.