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Lin Beifong Character Ask 1

Lin and Toph are in an interesting position within the Studio, with Toph living day-to-day in her TLA younger body, while Lin’s of course a much older woman in TLOK. Of course if I were to pair them up for, like, a scene set within the Avatar universe I’d either set it in a flashback between the two series or use Toph’s older design from TLOK. However, within the outside-continuity Studio, we get a case of the mother being a loli and the daughter is a GILF. I’ve been looking for an excuse to bring these two together since Lin’s First Shoot, and this Ask seemed like as good an excuse as any.

First Shoot #11 – Lin Beifong

Our eleventh First Shoot winner is Lin Beifong from The Legend of Korra. Legend of Korra has a number of hot older women, but Lin’s a real standout I’m happy to have on board. I don’t know if I’ll ever draw her with Toph, but when Mito ended up as her random partner I figured I could at least tease it, since Mito’s primarily done incest content herself in the Studio.