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NHS MILFs – Bunny Bravo

I made a joke about doing Bitzi’s NHS MILFs pic during the “Year of the Rabbit”, but I thought we could also do one for our resident rabbit-named mom, Bunny. I’m really enjoying drawing her when I can, and I hope people will like seeing her again. There’s actually one other rabbit mom I’d kind of like to draw, but she’s not in the Studio yet. So, I guess I need to decide if I want to use NHS MILFs as a series characters can debut in, or if I want to draw her in something like MomSwap first.


Also, for anyone interested, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

NHS MILFs – Android 21

When I said before that we were done with Dragon Ball moms for this series, several people were quick to point out to me that Android 21 is technically a mom. I’m not really sure how much she counts… it seems like she’s more based on a woman who was a mom than a mom herself, they seem like different people to me, but whatever. I used the name of the human woman she’s modeled after, Vomi, just because that’s the actual MILF being represented here.
There are a few other Dragon Ball women who would qualify for this series, but for now I’m sticking just to characters who are in the Studio. Still, if any of them join up down the road they’ll probably show up in this series, but for now I think we’re for real done with the DB rep for NHS MILFs.

NHS MILFs – Jane Read

A good while back (October of 2016) I did two Arthur pics, one of Arthur with his mom and one of Buster with his. I’m actually a little more into Buster’s mom than Arthur’s, but I figured if I was going to include them in this series I should start with the protagomom. Jane’s got some good classic mom energy, and coming from such a wholesome and beloved franchise just makes lewding her all the more fun. Not sure when I’ll get around to Bitzi, but I’ll definitely be including her in this series eventually.

NHS MILFs – Panchy Briefs

I mentioned earlier for her Character Ask that Mrs. Briefs would be the next NHS MILFs entry, and here she is! I tried blending elements from her classic DB and DBZ designs with her newer DBS look, and I hope you all like the result. I’ve always been fond of Panchy, personally, though I don’t draw her as often as I should.
Originally, she was going to be the last of the Dragon Ball moms to be in this series. However, since making my initial plans, one other MILF from that franchise has made her way into the Studio, so after I do another non-Dragon Ball character I’ll come back for one last one.

NHS MILFs – Dexter’s Mom

Dexter’s parents go unnamed throughout the run of Dexter’s Lab, which is a little awkward for a series like this that has characters’ names plastered on the image. I did come across one site claiming her name (in the writer’s room) was Spencer O’Reilly-McPherson, but I decided it’d be confusing if this pic just had “Spencer” in big letters instead (plus I couldn’t confirm this name). At any rate, I’d been meaning to draw Dexter’s Mom again for a while, and this series was a good excuse to take another crack at her. She’s a classic thicc MILF from my era, and a lot of fun to work with. I decided to have her ditch her iconic gloves for this pic, though I think she’ll most likely be wearing them if I draw her again.

NHS MILFs – Videl

Here’s Videl’s entry in the NHS MILFs series. I almost went with a later design for her, since I personally prefer her End of Z and GT designs over her Super one (and I can’t use her Buu Saga designs, since she wasn’t a MILF yet then), but I went with this look for her since it’s closer to the time period I went with for Bulma and Chi-Chi. I’m going with a lady I’ve only drawn once before for the next entry in this series, whenever I can get to it.