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Space Emperor Slut, Page 16

So here’s the final page of Space Emperor Slut, finally! This ending has always been the plan, more or less, from day one. Funnily enough, however, this comic began before Frieza’s return in Super, so this setting was going to be different. The original plan was for Frieza to wake up in HFIL, and have a conversation with Cell. I changed it to take place during his training with Tagoma, and setting up a potential sequel (though we’ll see). This is another page where there’s not much difference between the two versions, but I need to keep it consistent (and there is a minor difference through the flashbacks).

Something Slipped

This pic’s inspired by the scene of Frieza being resurrected in Dragon Ball Super. He and Goku kinda posture at each other, taking cheap shots as saying, “Whoops, my hand slipped” while Baba watches uncomfortably. The scene feels thick with sexual tension to me, and I wanted to do this version of it for a while.

Son Goku Character Ask 31

When I saw this question, I immediately liked the idea of Goku only being able to name physical differences between the brothers. I could’ve just had Goku fucking Cooler here, like in Cooler’s other Ask appearances, but I decided instead I preferred the idea of Cooler and Frieza sharing Goku’s cock. I think it helps highlight why Goku can’t think of any other real differences he sees in them.

Son Goku Character Ask 21

I guess this one’s just an excuse to draw Goku fucking Frieza again, like I need an excuse. I do like having the chance to flesh out Frieza’s bratty dynamic a bit, though. While he’s definitely a tyrant in the source media, post-SES Frieza’s a bit more broken in. He’ll act like his normal domineering self in foreplay, but Studio Frieza just isn’t a dom, and submits to a good dick pretty quickly.

Son Goku Character Ask 19

So, like the question points out, I’ve kinda portrayed Goku as being turned on a lot by dirty talk and slutty behavior on the part of his partners. I don’t really know if this was a conscious decision on my part, this is something that started years ago, but it’s definitely part of his characterization at this point. I don’t think Goku’s the type to put a lot of thought or examination into his kinks, though, so he’s not really capable of providing an in-depth response. However, I saw this as an opportunity to do something a bit similar to the Goku/Whis/Frieza pic I did a while back, but this time with Frieza and Gohan. Obviously this specific grouping would be impossible in anything attempting to fit into Dragon Ball canon, as Frieza was very dead and very out of the picture when Gohan had this look, but in the Studio this is all of these characters’ default states.

Son Goku Character Ask 17

So, obviously Goku and Frieza’s original canonical relationship is very different than his relationships with, say, Gohan or Chi-Chi, or even Vegeta. Part of why I wanted to pair them, though, is I always felt there was this interesting tension that could be interpreted as sexual between them, even in their original battle on Namek. I’m not sure if I can explain it if anyone else doesn’t see it, but something about their dynamic (particularly when they’re trying to show off to each other, more than later in the fight when Krillin’s dead) makes them feel perfect for the kind of hate-fuck-turned-passionate story I’ve tried to do in Space Emperor Slut. That comic started in 2015, however, and I feel like for the studio versions of these characters their dynamic has probably changed a lot. So that initial release of tension is well in the past, but I wanted to acknowledge how well Frieza’s fallen into his new role.

Goku’s Angel and Demon

So I was revisiting my Whis pics I’ve done in the past when the idea for this one came to me. I just felt like it’d be fun to see Goku enjoying two of his favorite bitches. Whis and Frieza don’t really interact in Dragon Ball, to my memory, but I think they both make for great sluts to Goku’s cock. I hope y’all enjoy seeing them working together here.

Frieza Character Ask 2

So Frieza’s in kinda a weird spot where he’s both racists towards Saiya-jins, but also fetishizes them, leading to his answer here. Obviously Luffy isn’t a Saiya-jin, and the only reason Frieza said the line being referenced in the question is to make a joke about his name being the same as the slur Frieza uses for Saiya-jins, but his reasoning probably wouldn’t be much different. I kinda doubt Frieza would view humans as any higher on the species totem pole than Saiya-jins, if anything they’d be much lower.

Frieza Facefuck

So, several months ago I tried experimenting with animation. I was trying to do a simple animation of Goku facefucking Frieza, using the same process I make normal pics with but putting them all back-to-back. It didn’t work out, the animation was too choppy and I decided to not release it. I finally decided to give up on the project, though I didn’t want the work to be a complete waste. So, I took two of the frames and put them together for a simple mini-comic like thing (even though the coloring is more simple than my usual work, since it was meant to be animated). Hope you all enjoy!