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March ’24 One-Shot

The March 2024 One-Shot focuses on Scarlet from Space Dandy hooking up with a few different memorable characters from the series. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched the show, but I don’t think she ever actually meets Prince or Johnny, but they’re both featured characters in two of the more iconic episodes. Pine-Pine is a coworker of hers, and Dandy is the show’s main ship, though.

Scarlet’s a character I’ve tried to do something with for years, but when I got stuck on the BooBies Calendar it became incredibly difficult for me to get anything Space Dandy-related out for a few years. It’s nice to finally get her into the Studio, though, and the other three she’s bringing with her are nice additions as well. I decided to go with a different look of hers for each panel, and thought it’d be kinda funny if none of them were her “default” look. I’m sure that design will show up eventually in an Ask or something, though.

Alien Registration – Sayuri Kinniku: Registered

I was so happy to see some positive reaction to Sayuri from Subscribers that I decided to give her one more spotlight in this series here. Other than maybe an NHS MILFs sometime soon I don’t expect to keep drawing her a bunch, but I do have a soft spot for her and am happy to give her some attention in these series where she fits in.

BooBies Calendar #7 – July

Here we’re finally into new pages for the BooBies Calendar project. It had been bothering me that all but three of the waitresses featured in this series had no canon names, nor fan names or anything as far as I could tell. So, I collaborated with some Subscribers in my Discord to start naming them. Obviously they aren’t official names or anything, but they’re the canon names in my book and how I’ll refer to them if any of them show up again in my work. The previous waitresses all of have their names in the tags of their posts, while this here is Celeste Zara.

Alien Registration – Starfire: Registered

“Alien Registration” is an idea I’ve been bouncing around for a little bit. Some of you may remember a Space Dandy One-Shot I did a while back, where Dandy “registered” four alien girls from his own series. What you might not know is, before that script one, the same Subscriber had submitted a different draft of it where Dandy was instead “registering” alien girls from other franchises. I kinda liked that idea, so I’m considering that One-Shot to be the unofficial start of this series, but here going forward they’ll be little one-off pics like this rather than comic pages.

Dandy might register some other aliens from Space Dandy, though mostly this series will be a crossover. It also won’t be purely straight, I think Dandy will need to be okay with registering some male aliens here and there. I think this is a fun little concept, and I hope y’all will enjoy it.

BooBies Calendar #6 – June Remake

So in 2014, while Space Dandy was airing, I had a little ongoing series called the BooBies Calendar. It was a simple premise, a lewd in-universe pin-up calendar for the Hooters-esque chain BooBies from the show. I thought the series was going pretty well, some of the old entries still kinda hold up today even, but I ran into a snag with it. My June entry was based on a background waitress (like most of them were) featured in one brief shot early in the series. I made the pic, and then shortly afterwards the penultimate episode of season two aired. The episode focused heavily on Rose Reginald, a BooBies waitress who had a very similar design to the background waitress from the beginning of the series. I don’t know if they re-used her design, or if they were meant to be the same character or not, but it made my June page feel… incomplete. I’d used the earlier design, where I only had one small shot of her to even reference from, and now there was a real named character with a complete design that I could’ve used instead. I kinda lost my interest in the series, and ended up dropping it (along with all my other in-progress Space Dandy content).
Recently I’ve been being re-exposed to Space Dandy a lot, and I’ve decided to pick this project back up and see it to completion. Seven or eight pin-ups isn’t nearly as daunting a task as it once was for me, and I think I can probably finish this during 2023. I wanted to correct my biggest regret with the series first, though, which meant remaking the June page with Rose’s accurate design. I re-used a lot of my original art, but re-drew her head and flipped her for an angle I think looks better with her hair style. I hope y’all will enjoy this pic, as well as the later pages whenever I manage to get to them.

Faye Valentine Character Ask 1

Basically, I thought it’d be fun to pair Faye and Honey up, two confident women who know how to use their bodies to get what they want from men, both from big Watanabe series. There’s not much more to say about this one than me wanting to do this crossover, though I do like the idea of these two finding a surprising kinship in the Studio. Though they both tend to carry themselves in very different ways, I feel like they’d understand each other if they met.


January ’23 One-Shot

Here’s our One-Shot comic for January of 2023, featuring Space Dandy! Like always, this comic’s script came from one of my SubscribeStar supporters. Space Dandy is a show I was really into back when it first aired. I watched every episode, and my first big breakout AMV was a Space Dandy one. I had an ongoing Calendar project based on the BooBies franchise, and had several pic ideas and even a comic planned (the comic would’ve looked a lot like the last panel of this comic, but for six pages). It all kinda fell apart, though, but I’ve been thinking about getting back to a lot of it soon. I’m working on the BooBies Calendar again, and even toying with dusting off that comic. I also think this alien registration idea has potential, so maybe we’ll see Dandy registering some alien gals from other properties, too.