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Studio Life Magazine 6 with Reagan Ridley

For this cover I asked my Subscribers to nominate “science” characters. There were a lot of good nominations, and if we hadn’t already had several DBZ SLM covers then it’d probably be Bulma here. Instead I went with Reagan Ridley from Inside Job, a character whose representation in my work so far is much smaller than my actual interest in her. I’m extremely fond of Reagan and would like to find more excuses to draw her in the future, but for now this magazine spotlight is pretty nice I think.

Studio Life Magazine 5 with Jessie

I finally got around to doing another Studio Life Magazine cover, and this is the first one to be done with the Subscriber-nomination system I plan to use going forward. The theme I gave Subscribers was “bad girls”, in order to make sure we got out first female cover, and there were a lot of good nominations. I went with Jessie ’cause I feel like she’s got a pretty strong presence in my work while also feeling kinda underrepresented. I’m also just really fond of her, so it was nice to do a simple little pic like this. I’d like to do these a bit more frequently, if I can manage, since they’re pretty easy on me while also seeming to be popular with a lot of folks.

Studio Life Magazine 3 with Yuji Itadori

A while back one of my Lord Tier Subscribers commissioned two magazine covers for a fictional NHS magazine called Studio Life. The commission went over pretty well, with multiple people saying they’d enjoy seeing the concept as a recurring series. I thought it might be fun to return to occasionally, and I thought JJK’s Yuji Itadori would be a neat character to start with.

Studio Life Magazine 2 with Son Goku

So here is the second part of this Lord Tier commission, basically the same concept as before but with Goku as the cover model. We went with a more relaxed pose, and I decided to add a bit of a low angle to hopefully make the view more interesting. Like before, the article titles here are just ideas the commissioner had, not anything I’m planning or working on, so don’t read any meaning into them.

Studio Life Magazine 1 with Corey Park

So, this is part of a Lord Tier Commission. Like the last one, this Subscriber decided to split their two-character commission into two one-character pics, specifically this faux magazine cover idea here. The star of the first one is Corey Park, a favorite of this Subscriber. All of the article titles advertised here were written up by the commissioner, so please don’t read into any of it as teasing future content or anything, haha. In a couple days we’ll see the cover for volume two of “Studio Life,” and I hope you’ll all enjoy it.