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Clementine Pussy Eating POV

Here’s another “Mini Commission” I did. This time the Patron wanted to see Clementine from The Walking Dead games eating out an anon woman POV. Lesbian POV is a lot rarer than gay or straight POV, so I had some fun with this. I ended up going with a moody blue lighting after looking through some screenshots from the game. I just thought it was a nice look. I hope you all enjoy this one, I know there’s a handful of pretty big Clementine fans among my followers.

July ’18 Patreon One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic page selected by my Patreon supporters last month. This is another one of those “four unconnected panels” ones, but it did give me the excuse to finally do some Assassination Classroom work, as well as use Clementine again in something other than a Character Ask. Hope everyone likes the pic.

Also, I did another Q&A video for my Patrons recently. Several of the questions in this one related specifically to Patreon issues, but I still thought some of you might find the video interesting so I’m sharing it here.

Clementine Character Ask 2

It’s true, I haven’t done anything with Clementine in a while. She’s an interesting character for me because I never would have drawn her (or even knew she existed) if it wasn’t for people supporting me on Patreon bringing her up. I like her design, but since I have no connection whatsoever to The Walking Dead (the comics, the shows, or the games), I never really think about her despite having several ideas. I’m still hoping to do a comic with her, but when it came to her answer I thought it’d be best to have her talk about stuff that might come out sometime this year (haha). She’s definitely gonna show up in a Studio Tour pic before too long, but there’s a couple other entries I have planned first.

Clementine SFM Compilation

So here’s a little SFM compilation I put together centered around Clementine from The Walking Dead games. I’ve drawn her a couple times and plan to again, but I was kinda itching to do another SFM music video and thought she’d be a good candidate for one. I hadn’t originally planned to finish it as quickly as I did, but once I started looking I found more source material than I’d expected quicker than I’d expected, so it all went very fast. I’ve also started one with Ellie from The Last of Us, who I’ve kinda paired up with Clementine in my head. Hers isn’t quite done yet; I have all the materials I need but I still need to finish editing it. When I do finish hers, you can expect to see it around here sooner or later.

Clementine Character Ask 1

Clementine’s Character Ask is one I kinda had fun answering. I decided to put her in a “Near Hentai” T-shirt based off the one-shot script submitted by the same Patron, since it seemed kinda like something she might wear for answering this meta question. How she replies here reflects the ways I’d be most likely to use her in non-commissioned work in the future. If I ever get the chance I’d really like to do a mini-comic of her and Ellie, like I mentioned last time I drew her.

Oh My Darling

Those of you who don’t follow me on Patreon won’t know this, but for the past few months there’s been a recurring nomination for the one-shot comments featuring Clementine and Carl from The Walking Dead. It’s come close to winning a few times (one time it might would have if the numbers hadn’t been fudged by fake votes), but seeing it each month got me thinking about Clementine. Eventually I decided to just do a quick and simple picture of her (but not with Carl). I’ve never watched the show, read the comic or played any of the games, so I’m not too familiar with the franchise or any of its characters. Clementine is cute, though, so just this much was fun to do. Since I know a lot of people have a fondness for this character due to her role in the games, I decided to play it safe and do something on the tamer side than what my instincts were calling for. Knowing that about her, though, has me thinking she might be BFFs with Ellie in the Xoverse, where neither of them have been subjected to zombies and are normal school girls. I kinda like the idea of them having some late night sleepovers watching old zombie movies, then maybe fucking afterwards. Could be some future content in that idea, who knows?